Oasis Profile

Oasis World provides enchanting exotic experiential travel around India. Focus areas of Oasis World are Special Interest Tourism - History - Culture - Cuisines - Fairs - Festivals and Textiles of the Indian sub-continent.

Oasis World is a special interest tours operator born out of its parent company Oasis Excursions India Pvt. Ltd., that
provides genuine, unique travel products for special travelers with local guides all over the Indian sub-continent with an emphasis on local culture and environment.
We work closely with you to ensure your special interest and adventure travels are according to your budget. When we speak of custom-made special interest tours we mean a travel itinerary built around your every desire which could range from identifying rare orchids in the Himalayas to sampling cuisines on the shimmering coast of Kerala or Sri Lanka or even studying intricate embroidery among disappearing tribes in Gujarat.

We tailor make our own exclusive and unique travel and adventure experiences which are both authentic and safe. Our programs are well researched and we have sufficient expertise in each proposed destination with the assistance of experienced local guides who are qualified to take you off the beaten track. The Company's motto is to change with the times and stay ahead in the race. Flexibility and an earnest endeavor to please every person who seeks travel related services to and from the Indian sub-continent is the driving force at Oasis World.

We are committed to ensure personalized service and believe in doing so irrespective of our growing client volumes.
The company strength lies within its team members, who are all self motivated and positive. Our focus areas are Special Interest Tourism, History , Architecture & Culture, Cuisines , Fairs, Festivals and Textiles of the Indian sub-continent besides providing Logistics for Photography and Documentary Filming.


Oasis Excursions comprises team members who in the last 3 decades have led cleaning expeditions in the entire Himalayas and natural parks of India. We believe in leading by example in our daily lives whether at home , office, in the cities we live or in the remote regions we operate . We actively promote clean , green, healthy tourism practices.

We do not allow any detergents or chemicals of any kind to be washed directly into a stream or river.

We are committed to take back all non biodegradable litter to the nearest roadhead for proper disposal. The encouragement to reuse carry bags made of recycled material has also made a noticeable impact on our operations.

We provide toilet facilities on treks and expeditions and ensure proper disposal of waste away from drinking water sources. We try our best to help afforestation wherever it is possible by planting indigenous saplings. Cutting of trees & burning  of wood is strictly prohibited on our outdoor events ,treks and expeditions and try to minimise the impact on the local environment and people. We encourage solar and other non conventional energy sources as far as possible.  

Our reliance on online marketing has completely discouraged the periodic and excessive printing of expensive brochures , flyers and printed material . Handmade paper made by needy persons and organisations is encouraged for any publicity material.

Our Team

  Ramesh Nambiar
Ramesh was born in Shillong and spent his early years studying with the Irish brothers in the northeast and moved to Hyderabad (Deccan) for his graduation finally completing his masters and research from JNU( River Water Disputes in South Asia) in New Delhi . He started his professional career with the Tiger Mountain -the pioneers of Himalayan treks and wildlife professionals having led and organised over 250 trips in India , Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and Sri Lanka. He speaks several Indian languages and is quite fluent in French having spent considerable time in France and the Reunion islands.

In 2003 Oasis World was founded to provide experiential travel in the Indian sub-continent with an emphasis on history, culture and heritage and quite aptly chose the location for the office among 12th century heritage monuments and greenery in bohemian Hauz Khas Village in the heart of New Delhi. His glorious journey during the two decades with special interest and experiential tourism has taken him to almost every district in India and over 35 countries around the world for work, pleasure and pure wanderlust. Today in addition to facilitating travel and tour needs of predominantly European and North American clientele to the Indian sub-continents remotest corners, his life revolves around providing diverse organisational services such as event management (meetings, exhibitions, entertainment etc), liaison services with the government, logistics and hospitality services particularly for media related work (films, documentary production), assistance for overseas companies to set up offices in India. He and his team are vastly experienced in providing documentary filming logistics and exploratory treks, expeditions and camps in the Himalayas and other remote regions of India. He has been instrumental in many award winning documentary films, books and research projects. Finally it is the passion for travel and joie de vivre that keeps him and his energetic team motivated and innovative all year around.

Why Oasis?

Indepth Research & Customised Tours:
All our tours are well researched and are tailor made and customised to ensure that you have a special experience in the India sub-continent that showcases its culture, history , tradition and cuisine keeping in mind value for money.

Quality Control
We periodically make checks of sites, hotels, transport, guides and drivers to ensure that a high standard is maintained at all times.

No Hiddedn Costs
We do not believe in giving our guests any unpleasant surprises and all our are clearly defined as per the prices charged.

We do not overcharge for any services and keep our pricing in accordance with our few competitors in the market however we make no claims to be the cheapest as we are a mid sized company of travel professionals whose passion for travel far exceeds the greed for numbers and our products mostly cannot be compared to others.

Commit Less and Deliver More
We have over the last 20 years in the industry always believed in committing less and delivering more and hence we give our guest pleasant surprises and not entrap them with hidden costs.

Customer Feedback and Client Testimonials
We take our client feedback very seriously and always strive to improve our travel products and our client testimonials form the backbone of our policy.

Repeat Clients
We are proud of our 80 % repeat customers and this has only encouraged us to aim for higher goals and not be complacent.