Motorcycling in india


Motorcycling in India
Travelling on a bike is very different from driving around in a car since contact with the environment is direct and
feelings are stronger. The valleys of the Himalayas or the Rajasthan desert are great places to experience epic adventures
on a Royal Enfield Bullet, riding a classic 500cc engine through the breathtaking roads of India.

Manali - Leh Highway
The road from Manali in Himachal Pradesh to Leh in Ladakh, are 465 km of spectacular winding road that rides on four of the highest mountain passes of the world. The steps are the Manali to Leh from Rohtang (3.978 m), the Baralacha (4.892 m), the Lachulung (5.059 m) and the Taglang, which is the second highest in the world (5.325 m).
This famous mountain road that crosses the Himalayas is opened to traffic only four months. Begins mid-May snow removal and debris that have accumulated during the winter. If you want to cross the snowy steps, mid-June is the best. As summer progresses the temperature is higher and the road is in better condition, September being the month in which the road is more clear. Either way these trips must be planned for any eventuality, whether due to road conditions or climate, and this is what makes it a real adventure.

Lake Tso Moriri and Pangong Tso from Leh.
The Moriri Lake is Tsomoriri or to 4,595 m. and is the largest of all lakes in the Himalayas at that altitude. 
The ride of 215 km from Leh takes you through the valley of the river Indus. A spectacular place to get on a bike, no doubt. Pangong Lake at 4,350 m, has a length of 134 km and extends to China, as Chinese territory 60% of the lake. The lake has a maximum width of 5 km and in winter, as the Tso Moriri, its waters are frozen.

Leh - Srinagar Highway.
The 1D NH, also known as Highway Srinagar - Leh, is entirely in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in northern India and the road connecting Srinagar in Kashmir, with Leh in Ladakh. It is one of only two roads that connect Ladakh with the rest of India, or whatever it is, with the rest of the world, the other is the road Leh - Manali. The road remains open for traffic from early June to mid-November. The total length of 1D NH is 422 km. The two steps are the highest Fotu to 4108 m and 3528 m The Zoji to altitude. The road is the trade route that for centuries connected Europe with Asia, following the Indus River valley. The people who are going through a great historical and cultural heritage, with some villages still with original native tribes for thousands of years.


Royal Enfield Motorcycles:

The mark of Ridditch originally English, is the only one that still exists after more than a century since the first
motorcycles were manufactured in England. In 1890 Royal Enfield produced bicycles, spare parts for sewing machines and parts for rifles. In 1899 launched the first motor vehicles, trikes and quads, to begin immediately after manufacture motorcycles.
They pioneered and led the market mechanics to the beginning of the First World War, where they begin to produce only for the army. The new models did not arrive until the 30s, which was born the famous Bullet.
The engines were 250cc Bullet, 350cc and 500cc. In 1949 born the Bullet 350cc single-cylinder, one of the first bikes with rear suspension was star among the dirt bikes. In the 50s, the government of India began to make large orders, leading to factory Ridditch to seek a partner in India. When bike riding began catching on in India they started manufacture in Chennai.  In 1962 the British company is handed over to India. Many years later, in the mid 80s, Bullet returned to England and the European market but from the factory in Chennai. In 2008 motor launch EFI, Electronic Fuel Injection, single cylinder, built in one piece, and is designed to meet stringent European standards for emissions. The EFI engine is leading the famous Electra and also the youngest member of the family Enfield Bullet 500 Classic. Thus, after more than 100 years, Royal Enfield has managed to endure with good technological ideas and the classic style is still very well preserved.